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Few get to see Italy the way the Italians do. Our company organizes personalized and unique cultural itineraries throughout Tuscany and other main centres in Italy. Our cultural tours take you on a journey through the various historical periods introducing you to the personalities and events that shaped this extraordinary country into the unique place that it is. All of our guides are specialists in their fields and enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge and passion for their great land. You will be taken on captivating historical adventures, journeying anywhere from the Etruscan and Roman periods to the Middle Ages and Renaissance to contemporary Italy, its traditions and the influences from the past.
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'Chapters of Culture' MICHELANGELO: Emblem and Enigma

Michelangelo is the Renaissance made flesh, an icon of an era. We will explore the public and the private Michelangelo, the man and the mystique. Enjoy this remarkable look at a genius whose legacy and lessons, like the rippling sinews of his figures, live today fresh as ever. This tour is available as Half and Full day

GARDENS Tour in Florence

On the hills surrounding Florence. Our company invites you to join a professional guide specialized in botanic and garden design for a wonderful stroll through the many beautiful gardens hidden in and around Florence. Discover how fashion, topography, and prestige combined to create oases of great natural beauty and architectural harmony throughout the ages. Available as Half and Full day

'Chapters of Culture' DANTE: Chronicle of a (re)birth foretold

Dante Alighieri is Florence’s most beloved expatriate and father of the Italian language. To contemplate Dante is to grasp a master craftsman who recounts in prima persona the spiritual and societal turmoil that will soon burst and bloom into the Renaissance. Available as Half and Full day tour.

'Chapters of Culture' LORENZO DEI MEDICI: Magnificent or Malevolent

First man of the first family of Florence, prince and provider, Lorenzo dei Medici incarnated the incredible economic prowess and cultural curiosity that drove the Renaissance. We will step inside Lorenzo’s realm, a world of bankers and builders, of merchants and mercenaries, an era holy and heretical, daring and dangerous… this is the magnificent and malevolent world of Lorenzo… this is the Renaissance. Available as Half and Full day

PALIO: Private view of the race

View the excitement and drama of the Palio, taking place on July 2nd and August 16th, live from a private terrace overlooking the central Piazza del Campo, where the action takes place. You will enjoy a perfect view of the event, including the parade and exhibitions which precede the actual race and the boisterous victory celebrations that follow. View the festivities from a comfortable vantage point above the huge crowds that gather in the square; enjoy drinks and refreshments and the cool shade of a canopy. Very early booking – at least four months prior to the race – is highly recommended, as this is the most popular event in the Tuscan summer calendar! On the terrace there will be a guide at their disposal to explain them the Palio rules and history and a buffet with drinks and refreshments.

Drifting on the waters of the Arno

Florence is a river city, inextricably bound throughout its history to the ebb and flow of the Arno. This is a unique and special tour that allows you, while comfortably seated on the “barchetto” (a traditional Florentine river boat similar to a gondola), to gain a new perspective on some of the most beautiful and historically important buildings in Florence. Our highly specialized guide will illustrate the role that the Arno has played in the birth and rise of the city and many more stories that bring to life the relationship between the city and its waterway. After the cruise, relax riverside as you enjoy a coffee or drinks at the famous “Canottieri” Club: the rowing school of Florence, situated right underneath the Uffizi! This tour is particularly suited for children as well. It’s a fun and unusual way of taking in the cultural beauties that Florence has to offer.

Masterpiece Museums: UFFIZI & ACCADEMIA

Florence’s museums house masterpieces of painting and sculpture that bring the Renaissance to life. We suggest a tour of the Uffizi gallery, including major works by Botticelli and one of the Galleria dell’Accademia, home of the world famous David of Michelangelo. With no doubt the most famous museums in Florence, not to be missed! Available as a Full day tour.

Discovering the "DREAMING WORLD" of the best Artisans of Florence

Florence has a rich tradition of artisans who create masterpieces with techniques and workshops carefully handed down through generations. Our very own specialized craftsman will guide you through an itinerary which brings to life these arts and crafts, still a solid and extremely valuable asset in Florence. While strolling along beautiful, hidden side streets you will visit stunning workshops. The best artisans working leather brands in the world, the historical Florentine jewellers family, the Florentine master's silversmith precious masterpieces.This is a unique tour that shows you a side of the real Florence that few foreigners get to see and will make you appreciate even more the concept of -custom-made-! Available as half day
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