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In this section you will find special tours including both gourmet and cultural aspects in some of the most significant areas in Tuscany.
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Ancient traditions turn into innovation. Innovation is sometimes deeply rooted in ancient traditions, as in organic agriculture which is establishing itself in Tuscany as a keynote of quality food production. You will experience the results and the flavours of outstanding organic products ranging from genuine olive oil to fine wines, from artisan pasta to cheese. The tour will cross the Chianti area in search of excellent organic producers distinguishing themselves for high quality products and special attention to the environment. You will learn the basic principles of bio-philosophy, you will meet small local producers who, being inspired by love for Nature and age-old traditions, aim at a sustainable rural development and less environmentally invasive agriculture and you will taste their outstanding genuine products from goat cheese to wine, from olive oil to pasta...a good excuse to admire the beautiful countryside of Chianti and enjoy its peaceful atmosphere. Full day tour in Chianti

Etruscan emotions & wine

An emotional tour around Chiusi, an Etruscan El Dorado in Val di Chiana, rich in precious archaeological finds and underground marvels, a striking evidence of the extraordinary Etruscan civilization. Chiusi is one of the oldest and most strategic Etruscan settlements, still preserving a magic atmosphere of the past with its Etruscan tombs, cisterns, underground passages. You will visit the fascinating Etruscan aqueduct under the Old Town and the remarkable Etruscan collections of the Archaeological Museum in the morning. From history to wine & food: you will discover a boutique winery with spectacular cellars set in an Etruscan tomb and premium wines attesting the ancient wine tradition of Chiusi where the Etruscans first introduced vitis vinifera and will enjoy a typical lunch on the banks of the lake of Chiusi. In the afternoon you will admire the extraordinary Etruscan tombs in the necropolis as the highlight of an exciting journey into the Etruscan world. Full day in Chiusi

Flavours of Val d'Orcia

A gourmet experience through beauty and history A full sensorial immersion in the flavours and landscapes of a unique land with exclusive visits to selected producers and tastings of first quality wine, cheese and typical products. A fascinating flash back into the Middle Ages still surviving in the villages, abbeys and parish churches of Val d'Orcia. The tour will start with the visit to one of the top wineries in Montepulciano and a friendly tasting in the cellar of the two jewels of the winery, the Vino Rosso and the Vino Nobile di Montepulciano. After the wine experience, you will be delighted by top pecorino cheese produced in a nearby caseificio in Pienza, managed by a local family with a long tradition in cheese making. At lunch you will also experience the rich flavours of salami and cold cuts from cinta senese in a typical osteria in the beautiful hills of Val d’Orcia. In the afternoon you will discover the cultural and historic beauties of nearby villages and abbeys, before reaching Montalcino for a final wine tasting, as the highlight of a gourmet day. Full day tour in Val d'Orcia

GOURMET Tour a Firenze

Feast your senses on the sights and sounds of the bustling, colorful central food market in Florence. With our expert guide, explore traditional venues and vendors and taste typical products and specialties. The tour starts around 9:30 am and will last approximately three hours. Why not continue your tasteful journey with an afternoon cooking class at our Florentine studio? Three hours morning walking tour and light lunch

The diamond of the table (truffle hunt with cooking class)

Discover all the secrets of the Diamond of the table in the city of truffles, world famous for its prestigious White Truffles, whose unique penetrating taste may enrich and refine all dishes. The truffle day will start with a truffle hunt in the wood under the guide of an experienced local truffle seeker with special trained dogs. During the hunt you will discover many secrets about truffles, learn about their characteristics, their ideal environment and how to recognize their quality. After the hunt, you will be involved in a dynamic hands-on cooking class (or, as you prefer, in a lunch based on truffle products) and will learn how to make pasta and how to refine it with truffles, how to prepare simple truffle-based starters. You will then taste and enjoy the dishes prepared together with the chef in a friendly atmosphere, matching them with local wines. In the afternoon you will be delighted by a gourmet walking tour in the medieval center of San Miniato where you will taste first quality traditional products (cured meats, biscuits and pastry) from local top producers. Available as Full day

The Hills of Flavours

A delicious gourmet tour in the Pisan Hills with exclusive visits and tastings of first quality extra-virgin olive oil, wine and pasta. You will enjoy the charm of medieval burgs, off the beaten tracks villages, ancient villas and castles, while visiting top producers and tasting their products, from typical monocultivar olive oil to terroir wines and artisan pasta made by the smallest producer in Italy. This tour is a full immersion in the Tuscan flavours renowned all over the world! Full day tour in the Pisan Hills

A delicious journey into Chianti Classico flavours

A gourmet immersion into the tasty flavours of a splendid land. You will be delighted by premium wines, excellent olive oil, genuine cheese, fine cured meats while discovering hidden historic and architectural treasures and admiring the gentle slopes of the Chianti Classico hills. A charming journey into the flavours, landscapes and beauties of the Chianti Classico region. A gourmet and historical taste of the past with exclusive visits to niche producers, still faithful to tradition and terroir, with special tastings of their products while crossing charming villages, castles, parish churches and driving through a variety of beautiful landscapes and enchanting sceneries. Available as Full day

Historic treasures and magnificent villas around Lucca

Full day in Montecarlo and Lucca Hills Nestling in the hills around Lucca, among solemn cypress-trees, silver olive grooves and rich vineyards, there are towns and villages, villas and castles still untouched by mass tourism: precious treasures which is worth discovering You will first visit the Castle of Montecarlo, a medieval fortress which was once a strategic military outpost and is today a private residence still bearing witness to its glorious past. From history to wine: you will then enjoy the high quality wines produced in a nearby winery, exemplifying the great wine tradition of the hills of Lucca. In the afternoon you will have the pleasure of admiring the magnificent villas of Lucca with their beautiful gardens and parks: architectural jewels set in a fairy-tale scenery.
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