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Hot Air Ballooning

Departure from Tavarnelle Val di Pesa. Experience the magic of an aerial adventure where the destination is irrelevant, the journey everything! Hot air balloon expeditions capture the imagination, as each flight is a unique and magical voyage. Flights can be arranged throughout Tuscany and are followed by a "Chianti breakfast" to celebrate your adventures. Afterwards, you will be accompanied back to the launch site. The flight starts at dawn (approx. 6.00 am) and the inflation takes about 30 minutes. Your voyage lasts a little over an hour. The ballooning season is approximately late spring to early autumn with annual variations.

Firework Show

Our company is very proud to offer pyrotechnic shows of unparalleled beauty! The artists, with whom we collaborate, winners of many international awards, have a long experience and the ability of literally putting in awe spectators with the elaborate choreographies they paint in the sky. The pyrotechnic shows staged by Vitaly experts are conceived to enhance the location, using the available space with pyrotechnic artifices distributed on a large scale, thus forming large luminous figures. 8 minutes show made up of a succession of 18 different pyrotechnic figures. 12 minutes show made up of a succession of 24 different pyrotechnic figures. 15 minutes show made up of a succession of 36 different pyrotechnic figures. 20 minutes show made up of a succession of 45 different pyrotechnic figures, that follow music, that may be of your choice . Our experts can guarantee the show in any atmospheric condition except big thunderstorms and very strong winds. All our shows need approval by the Local Authority for Public Safety.

Renaissance Banquet

Thanks to our background in Film and Theater and our the collaboration with many creative professionals, we are excited to present you an extravagant feast awash with endless fun, fantasy and folly. Guests can be dressed in a costume of the era from the wardrobe of one of Florence's best known theaters. After the introductions, guests will be tempted by a selection of gastronomic delights and dishes based on traditional Renaissance recipes. A playful court jester and juggler will lighten the formalities and entertain you for the evening with jokes, music, acrobatics, fire shows, drums beatings and various ‘Tom Foolery’. All entertainers involved are experienced professional actors and musicians specialized in Renaissance, Baroque and nineteenth century music.

Mystery Role playing for adults

Our company organizes an exciting role playing game in which you are sleuths out to solve an intriguing and engaging murder mystery right at your villa. With the help of our professional actors, your villa will be transformed into the dramatic scene of a crime and it will be up to you to use your detective wit and creative abilities to discover the hour, the motive, the murder weapon… and above all, whodunit!

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