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Lucca is the only town in Italy entirely surrounded by its intact Renaissance wall. Today, you can walk, bike or picnic on the wide, shaded walkways atop the ramparts. These massively thick walls encompass an almost perfectly preserved jewel of medieval architecture; a city that exudes charm as one strolls along its narrow, winding streets. Observe that the central square at the heart of the city maintains the shape of the Roman amphitheater. When you see the majestic church of San Michele in Foro, remember that it is built where the Roman forum once stood, hence the name. Note also the medieval tower houses, as tall as five or six stories, that give Lucca its distinctive profile.

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Catered dinners

Should you wish to celebrate a special occasion – a birthday, anniversary, etc – or simply enjoy a lovely meal, Vitaly will arrange for one of our chefs to orchestrate a delicious feast. The chef will freshly prepare and cook the entire meal at your residence and will take care of you from start to finish. We will be pleased to give you details about prices and the different chefs and menus available upon request.

Historic treasures and magnificent villas around Lucca

Full day in Montecarlo and Lucca Hills Nestling in the hills around Lucca, among solemn cypress-trees, silver olive grooves and rich vineyards, there are towns and villages, villas and castles still untouched by mass tourism: precious treasures which is worth discovering You will first visit the Castle of Montecarlo, a medieval fortress which was once a strategic military outpost and is today a private residence still bearing witness to its glorious past. From history to wine: you will then enjoy the high quality wines produced in a nearby winery, exemplifying the great wine tradition of the hills of Lucca. In the afternoon you will have the pleasure of admiring the magnificent villas of Lucca with their beautiful gardens and parks: architectural jewels set in a fairy-tale scenery.

LUCCA by bike

Lucca is a relatively unknown Tuscan gem whose splendid historic center recalls the city’s glorious past as a Roman outpost, Lombard duchy, medieval mercantile power, and proud independent republic. Not yet overrun by tourists, Lucca maintains a mellow atmosphere and makes for easy traveling. We are glad to arrange a half day tour, cultural but casual, in this charming spot. Consider a visit by bike, as Lucca is the perfect place to go cycling, riding along its famous medieval walls and later discovering the piazzas, the small winding streets of the ancient city, and the charming little boutiques and antique shops. Suggested as Half day tour Service includes: Specialized English speaking guide at client's disposal for the half day (3 hours), bike rental for three hours. Transportation to and from Lucca available on demand.

WINE, OIL and CHEESE tasting with professionals at your residence

Our company offers you the possibility to organize a tasting of wines of your choice selected from a specially prepared list of the best producers available on the market. The tasting of these wines, paired with a selection of excellent cheeses, will be guided by one of our best sommelier directly at your residence. .

WINE, CHEESE and CHOCOLATE tasting with professionals at your residence

A particularly enjoyable gourmet experience involving a sommelier to guide the wine tasting, a renowned cheese producer to introduce his cheese and a leading maître chocolatier who will delight you with chocolate surprises and tastings. A unique opportunity to meet top producers and taste their selected products. And to be delighted with lovely surprises...

Lucca and its villas

The very elegant noble villas are at only few minutes from Lucca, basking in the verdant countryside among olive groves and vineyards. They were not only the summer residences of the noble families but were also representative of a certain status as can be seen from their beautiful architecture and lavish interior décor. Villa Torrigiani Santini A spectacular Baroque villa whose gardens still retain their original form, rich of surprises and amazing water games. The inside of the villa, which is completely furnished, can also be visited. Villa Reale di Marlia Napoleon's sister, the princess Elisa Baciocchi Bonaparte, considered this villa her favourite residence. We can visit the park and its splendid gardens in the midst of which is the very original green 'verzura' open-air theatre, where the famous violinist Paganini performed. Available as Full day tour

Guided tour in LUCCA and PISA

Service includes: Specialized English speaking guide at client's disposal for the full day (6 hours), walking tour of two hours in Lucca, pre-booked entrance fee to Campo dei Miracoli in Pisa. The ticket include various monuments: Cathedral, Baptistery, Monumental Cemetery, Cathedral Museum, Museum of Sinopia (fresco under drawings), but not the Leaning Tower. If you are interested in climbing the Leaning Tower (294 steps!) there will be an extra cost. Available as Full day Transportation service on demand.

BIKE rental

Hybrid and mountain bikes of all sizes may be rented and delivered to your villa so that you may explore and enjoy the surrounding countryside.
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